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Creating Flexible Offline Workflows Using Autodesk Forge

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    Autodesk Forge is an on-demand web services platform. That means you need to be online to connect to the Autodesk servers to use the various Forge APIs. However, the Autodesk Forge Viewer can work with multiple online, as well as offline sources. There are times where an offline workflow is preferable because of lack of connectivity, security concerns, or performance. In this lecture, we will explore how to optimally use the Forge Viewer in an offline mode, and how to cache and synchronize the data with the server for Mobile and Web applications requiring temporary offline mode capabilities.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand Forge workflows and learn how to take advantage of them
    • Learn how to deploy an offline (or balanced) solution using the Forge Viewer
    • Learn how to develop new tools and processes around Forge
    • Learn how to consume data from different sources and assemble them in a desirable context