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Construction future – Aggregating and analysing data using Forge and BI platforms

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    Saipem is a large, international turnkey contractor in the Oil & Gas Industry. Construction department always faced problems regarding the real status of projects (in home office) and the constructability (on site), the integration between the 3D model and the data available was often outdated and completely disordered. The game is changing now: the use of Forge Platform allows Saipem to aggregate BIG Data from different sources (SmartPlant 3D, Tekla, Oracle, Navisworks and others) to analyze them (Power BI) and to get an updated dataset of information applying a full BIM approach. During the class the audience will be shown, benefits of the implemented solution compared with previously used ones, with a focus on feasibility, work front analysis, progress measurement, accounting and mechanical completion handling.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify how to integrate data coming from different data sources and couple them to the model geometry
    • Identify how Forge brings data to the center and how to facilitate the data analysis
    • Identify the benefits of a data-centric dashboard accessible to everyone from any device
    • Integrating external Business Intelligence data into Forge