Hands-on Lab    CI223695-L
Concrete Bridge Design: Conception to Fabrication
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This class will cover concrete bridge modeling in the context of a wider transportation project. The class will explore fast conceptual bridge modeling in InfraWorks software, and workflows to Structural Bridge Design software, Inventor software, and Revit software. You will learn how to rapidly model concrete bridges in InfraWorks and use the “built-in” analysis tools to assess the suitability of the chosen girder system against recognized design standards. You will learn how to use Structural Bridge Design to examine and refine the design and to carry out more-detailed analysis and design checks. You will learn how to use Inventor to refine the InfraWorks bridge model by creating custom parametric bridge components for use in InfraWorks, and you’ll see how to configure them to act as native parts. You will also learn how to transfer the refined bridge model to Revit, where you will add 3D reinforcement using new rebar tools and finally produce drawings and rebar scheduling ready for fabrication.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to rapidly produce workable concrete bridge designs in InfraWorks
  • Learn how to refine the bridge model with your own custom parametric content with Inventor, and apply them in InfraWorks
  • Learn how to confirm suitability of the chosen girder system with the production of structural calculations
  • Learn how to use Revit to model and schedule 3D reinforcement and produce structural drawings



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