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Combining Emergent Technology and Autodesk’s Suite of Products for Real-World Solutions

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    This class will showcase examples of combining emergent technology with Autodesk, Inc.’s, suite of products to create innovative workflows within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Learn how we’re moving away from just design and document, and moving toward a series of workflows that empower ideas, enable optimization, and create stakeholder engagement through digital and tactile experiences. See examples, such as how to go from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) data capture through to an analytical model for simulations using ReCap software, ReMake software, SimTools software, and Autodesk CFD software (formerly known as Simulation CFD software). Learn about developing virtual reality / augmented reality simulations using 3ds Max software and Stingray game engine. And discover using Fusion 360 software and 3D printing as mediums for crossing technical knowledge barriers. All this and more without writing a single line of code—thanks to the seamless workflows across the Autodesk products! This session features Autodesk ReMake and SimStudio. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Gain insight into Autodesk product workflows
    • See real-world examples of emergent technology in the AEC industry
    • Learn how we’re crossing the boundaries of industries to provide innovative solutions
    • Discuss how emergent technology will change how we imagine, design, and learn how to create