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Charging Ahead with Revit 2020 MEP Engineering

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    The evolution of Revit software for engineering, modeling, and design is having a major impact on the MEP design process. Autodesk continues to add new features, but bells and whistles are not the only things a user needs to understand. Taking advantage of key workflows can help you get more from your Revit tools than ever before. This hands-on lab will begin with an overview of the electrical improvements to help represent a more accurate design, and then we’ll move into new elevation features that affect all disciplines. Next, we’ll take a look at ways to improve your engineering analysis results, and we’ll close with new ways to move your schematic designs from AutoCAD software to Revit. Shore up some weak areas in your everyday work by learning how to use these tools and get more from BIM!

    Key Learnings

    • Gain an overview of key electrical features that improve the design process
    • Examine new elevation and control features for scheduling and tags
    • Learn how to improve engineering analysis tool results with key settings and tips
    • Learn how to push more design into your model by incorporating HVAC and electrical schematics