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CFD Meets VR Lab

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    Dynamic modeling and generative designs paved the way for sophisticated digital prototyping. While software got better and better, stakeholders and clients are often struggling to grant the use of the latest tools accepting new solutions. New simulation methods will only path their way when their results are being communicated and well received. The presentation entitled "CFD Meets VR" addresses a well-designed workflow where critical facility data can be communicated to stakeholders to make the right decisions about comfort-supporting equipment and costs influencing the success of the architecture. The workflow describes the export of a Revit model to Autodesk CFD simulation software, making use of an Autodesk CFD data translation within 3ds Max software preparing it for its final destination: the Stingray gaming engine. The result offers a full immersion and experiencing of Autodesk CFD data, which can be presented on virtual reality (VR) rigs and mobiles. Autodesk CFD data is 3D data, which is often difficult to communicate through 2D gates such as screens or paper.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how digital prototyping and simulation are essential for the economy and environment
    • Learn about how VR is not only a marketing tool-it lets you experience the right decision through immersion
    • See how we seamlessly cross-discipline interacting tools with new rework at hand
    • Discover that full immersion is not a future subject, and technology is ready to use