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Building the Best BIM, 3D, VR, and Reality Capture Workstation: 2019 Edition

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    The last two years have seen a vast sea change in workstation computing, which makes specifying the right hardware for BIM (Building Information Modeling) a daunting task. The high demands of the Revit BIM platform, reality capture, virtual reality, and 3D applications such as 3ds Max software and Maya software require a thorough understanding of today’s computing platforms so that you can make sound investments in your next workstation. This class will take a deep dive into the latest advancements in computing platforms and the important options to consider when purchasing new workstations. We’ll cover the best in today’s PC components—processors, motherboards, memory, graphics cards, and storage—and optimize each based on advanced BIM and 3D tasks. New to this year is a review of reality capture and the specific computing demands of laser scanning and photogrammetry workloads. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of building out a DIY system versus purchasing a preconfigured system from a large vendor, and provide tips for buying parts online.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the specific hardware requirements of the latest BIM, 3D, VR, and reality capture workflows
    • Learn about the latest in computing platforms, CPUs, graphics, memory, and storage, and how each affects application productivity
    • Learn about the optimum workstation components for different BIM, 3D, VR, and reality capture use cases
    • Learn how to intelligently shop for complete systems and individual components in today's marketplace