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BIM and Bullets: Delivery of the 2012 London Olympic Shooting Venue

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    The Royal Artillery Barracks Olympic Shooting Range was one of the standout arenas created for the London Olympic Games. Located in a traditional setting, this facility caught the imagination of competitors, spectators, and the public, and it demonstrated the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in project design, manufacture, construction, and disassembly. There was a focus on workflow to empower disparate parties to embrace real collaboration. The use of technology was essential to achieving high-quality design. We created a 3D structural model of each building, which then became a hub for coordination with temporary frame contractors, manufacturers, and other designers. In this class, we illustrate the workflow used to take the generative models built using Rhinoceros® software into Robot™ Structural Analysis and Oasys GSA to perform structural design and then into Revit® Structure software using the Geometry Gym BIM plug-in.

    Key Learnings

    • Assess the importance of BIM workflows that facilitate efficient design and promote collaboration between design disciplines
    • Maximize the reuse of modeled data throughout the design, engineering, manufacture, and construction stages of a project
    • Link the Rhinoceros/Grasshopper™ generative modeling tools to Revit Structure
    • Establish the synergies between BIM and sustainable thinking and how BIM will play a role in integrating sustainability