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BIM-CAD-GIS Integration for Large-Scale Civil/Transportation Project Delivery

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    BIM (Building Information Modeling) for infrastructure has rapidly emerged to transform the way transportation and civil infrastructure agencies, organizations, consultants, and contractors plan, design, and construct their projects, and maintain, operate, and manage their assets. BIM and CAD are effective tools for project delivery and they’re even more valuable when integrated with geographic information system (GIS) to provide asset management. This class will provide value-based deployment strategies, best practices, challenges, and case studies of successful BIM-CAD-GIS projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to capitalize on the use of BIM and CAD for project delivery integrated with GIS for asset management
    • Learn how to identify and quantify the value of BIM to a project’s costs benefits and ROI
    • Learn how to maximize use of BIM tools within the AEC Collections for project delivery
    • Learn how to further increase use of the AEC Collections for lifecycle project-asset management