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BIM 360 for EPC Contractors: From Business Needs to Full Adoption

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    Wondering how BIM 360 software can improve design workflows for an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor? This class will showcase how worldwide general contractor Maire Tecnimont has planned the implementation of BIM 360 on projects, and its disruptive impact on the traditional workflows. The session will analyze the platform strengths and limitations, and will demonstrate how to redesign the traditional waterfall approach in order to get the most out of the BIM 360 features. Attendees will discover how to do the following: effectively design the document management structure; manage both Autodesk and third-party models; maximize the design collaboration process; set up document approval workflows; and capitalize on the cloud repository for developing custom applications. In conclusion, through the showcase of an industrial plant project, we will explain why BIM 360 is the solution that lets team members effectively collaborate to maximize efficiency and project quality regardless of where they are located.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop a business case to measure the benefits of BIM 360 implementation on projects.
    • Discover BIM 360 technical strengths and limitations.
    • Learn how to improve productivity, reduce rework and time waste, and enhance collaboration using cloud services.
    • Discover the advantages of a fully cloud-managed project by analyzing a real-world case powered by BIM 360.