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AutoCAD Web: There Can Be Only One

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    With the release of One AutoCAD software, you can now take your CAD projects on the go with AutoCAD web—the browser-based version of the original AutoCAD software. This course will show you how to set up your desktop installation of AutoCAD to work with A360 Drive, how to save to web and mobile, and how to use AutoCAD web in Google Chrome. You will also learn how to view and edit designs on the fly and in the field from a tablet or smartphone, and discover how to communicate your designs using Viewer. You will learn how to access the tools from any mobile browser, sync your files across devices, upload files on the go, and edit drawings from a mobile browser—or sync them back to the desktop for closer inspection. This session features AutoCAD, A360 Drive, AutoCAD web, the AutoCAD mobile app, and Viewer.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up A360 Drive and save from AutoCAD 2019 to web and mobile
    • Learn how to utilize the AutoCAD web interface with DWG files
    • Learn how to communicate your designs quickly with the Viewer
    • Learn how to manage your projects in A360 Drive and A360 Team