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Asset Development for Visualization and AR/VR in Manufacturing Using 3ds Max

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    This will be a guide to understanding how CAD data benefits print, digital, and immersive deployments involving augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). We will look at a strategic and tactical approach to implementing CAD data into CG visualization and immersive developments for training and technical communication within manufacturing. This talk will focus on the benefits and pitfalls of translating CAD data into functional CG assets for print (ILT), digital (WBT), and immersive (AR/ VR) deployments. Topics will include: better utilizing your product lifecycle management (PLM) and specific export formats into 3ds Max software; and creating Levels of Development (LODs) to target high-resolution output (print and animation) and low-resolution for real-time environments (AR/VR). We’ll also discuss why UV unwrap is painful but necessary for “the bake” and methods that embrace it. Lastly, building immersive experiences doesn’t always mean its training material.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover why CAD translation is important to visualization and immersive development
    • Understand the relationship between CAD environment, asset development environment, and deployment environment to maximize efficient content development
    • Discover common pitfalls and obstacles in production that lead to inefficient and costly development (and learn ways to overcome them)
    • Learn why building a bridge between instructional designers, content development teams, and your SMEs guarantees accuracy, expedites development, and saves a ton of money