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The Architect, the Client and the Game Engine - An intro to optimizing workflows

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    As architects and designers we are always looking for more advanced ways to share and explore our designs with the client. With the introduction of gaming engines into the architecture industry it has allowed architects more flexibility in how they design and create a more unified collaborative approach with the client. The success of adopting gaming engines into the industry relies heavily on adoption of the software in an already challenging design workflow, from allowing for maximum adaptability as the design changes to creating an optimized experience within the software for client integration and understanding. In this class we will look at CallisonRTKL as a case study, in how we have approached the software and identified the key challenges that are faced in the industry across multiple disciplines, from hospitality, urban planning and Retail, how to overcome them, and how to create seamless integration from BIM models to Unreal for maximum flexibility for the design team.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify key elements important to developing your models for adoption into Unreal
    • Prepare BIM models and Architectural designs for simple integration
    • Refine your workflow to allow for fast integration between architectural programs and immersive environments
    • Create basic tools and scripts to optimize design's in Unreal Engine for a client facing experience.