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Advance Steel for Building Information Modeling (BIM): Seamless Workflow from Design to Fabrication

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    To maintain a competitive advantage, more and more structural engineers are trying to find a way to capitalize on their Building Information Modeling (BIM) data for steel detailing and fabrication. This class will focus on showing how Advance Steel software is proving to be the missing link that enables structural engineers to capitalize on their Revit Structure software models for steel detailing and fabrication. You will also learn how to use Connection Vault in Advance Steel software to create automated steel connections on the structural members imported from Revit software. You will then learn how to create the automated fabrication and erection drawings and NC files. This class will also show how the bidirectional sync between Revit software and Advance Steel software enables you to bring any Revit software changes into Advance Steel software or validate Advance Steel models in Revit software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to export Revit Structure model and import into Advance Steel
    • Learn how to create automated steel connections between the members imported from Revit
    • Learn how to generate automated fabrication drawings and NC files
    • Learn how to use Sync to review and import any Revit changes into Advance Steel or validate an Advance Steel model in Revit