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Accelerated Clash Coordination and MEP Modeling with Dynamo Player

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    Clash coordination can be quite exhausting while implementing a BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflow in an established CAD environment where the BIM application only appears prior to construction and none of its benefits are used in the project development. In this class, we’ll learn about coordination methods that can improve the understanding of scopes, workflows, and clash coordination while the project is developing, and how BIM benefits would make a greater impact on the project. We’ll integrate Navisworks Clash Detection methods with Dynamo for clash coordination in early phases by a hierarchical breakdown, and use again the Dynamo Player to remodel or accelerate the clash coordination. Finally, we’ll use Dynamo Player to review engineering functionality for pipes, ducts, and conduit elements so that information is accurate using some custom-made scripts. We’ll review some samples used in some projects, and discover how to extract CAD lines to create Revit MEP elements.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to model MEP elements by level of detail to be coordinating workflows on each phase
    • Learn how to create a clear solution path for Clash Coordination while developing the project
    • Learn how to set proper review and evaluation methods for the project to be developed
    • Learn about engineering functionality of a model after clash coordination