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Accelerate Project Delivery: Standardizing Cloud-Connected BIM Coordination

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    The team of WSP Canada has developed a highly integrated workflow, combining the best of Revit Cloud Worksharing, Design Collaboration, and Model Coordination to optimize the collaboration and coordination workflows. An integrated workflow has been developed on the largest projects, covering both industrial, linear infrastructure, and building projects. Covering 10 to 500 project members working simultaneously, 7,500 model versions are shared with up to 125 task teams during a single project lifetime. All project members are informed of the status of the collaboration and coordination and presented with a uniform coordination overview, all fully automated. Finally, all parts of the workflow were analyzed, documented, and are now standardized. These are made available for use on every new project within WSP globally. The workflow has helped BIM (Building Information Modeling) managers to become 80% more productive and design teams to speed up project execution and enable faster and better project communication.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to collaborate on small to large projects
    • Learn how to implement an integrated coordination workflow
    • Learn how to design collaboration and coordination workflows
    • Learn how to create a standardized method of collaboration and coordination across all projects