Autodesk InfoWater Pro: Model water systems within ArcGIS Pro

Why use Autodesk InfoWater Pro?

Easily map and analyze water systems

Map, design, and analyze water distribution systems from within ArcGIS Pro.

Maintain service levels

Ensure adequate pressure to serve customers even during fireflow events.

Increase water system resilience

Find critical system elements and develop a contingency plan.

What you can do with InfoWater Pro

Seamless GIS data migration to InfoWater Pro

Make the most of your hard-earned GIS data to efficiently build and update your water distribution models, with a 1:1 relationship between InfoWater Pro models and ArcGIS Pro.

Take advantage of non-native modeling data

Use a customer layer to find out who will be affected by an incident and improve model calibration with more accurate demand allocation using meter data.

Share modeling information easily

The close integration of InfoWater Pro with ArcGIS Online and new Web Services makes it easy to share data within and outside your organization.

Autodesk InfoWater Pro resources

Case study

A case study on emergency response planning

This case study explains how OHM Advisors helped the City of Livornia plan for water service disruptions.


A case study on advanced water quality

Ben Chenevey (Arcadis) discusses how the MSX water quality module in InfoWater Pro was used for more accurate and cost-effective water quality modeling at different utilities.


A case study on surge analysis

Crystal Broadbent (Hazen and Sawyer) explains how to mitigate system-wide risks associated with pressure surge events in water systems.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Autodesk InfoWater Pro used for?

Autodesk InfoWater Pro is a hydraulic modeling application built in ArcGIS Pro that allows users to simulate countless scenarios and perform a wide range of analyses, including fire flow, valve criticality, pipe break, water quality, system curves, and energy usage.

Who uses Autodesk InfoWater Pro?

Autodesk InfoWater Pro is used by water engineers from water utilities and engineering firms, to plan, design, and operate water systems.

What is the difference between Autodesk InfoWater Pro and Autodesk InfoWorks WS Pro?

Autodesk InfoWater Pro is typically used by GIS practitioners looking to answer hydraulic questions. They can easily model water networks from within the familiar ArcGIS Pro and take advantage of spatial analysis and visualization tools.


Autodesk InfoWorks WS Pro is used by engineering teams who don’t require ArcGIS, especially if multiple modelers are in the engineering team. It also provides advanced modelers with the ability to explore scripting to automate model maintenance and the import of data from different sources.

Which versions of Autodesk InfoWater Pro can I use if I subscribe to the current version?

Your InfoWater Pro subscription gives you access to install and use the 3 previous versions. Available downloads are listed in your Autodesk Account after subscribing. See also previous releases available for subscribers.

Can I install Autodesk InfoWater Pro on multiple computers?

With a subscription to InfoWater Pro software, you can install it on up to 3 computers or other devices. However, only the named user can sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time. Please refer to the Software License Agreement (US Site) for more information.

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