Account management for admins

Team insights

Admins can access Team Insights under the Reporting section of Autodesk Account. Team Insights provide information about a team's subscription and show product usage for each user. This information can help you to identify actions for optimizing user assignments, product usage, and subscriptions. Insights are updated daily.


The primary, secondary or SSO admin can view Team Insights. In addition, some insights require specific role permission. For example, only admins who can purchase more seats for their team can see over-assignment insights.


Insights are only available if:

  • Your team has a single-user subscription or Flex.

  • For product insights, your individual users opt in for data collection and have active usage.

  • Your team is on a Premium plan for insights that provides user-level details.

  • For product insights (such as AutoCAD), your individual users have active usage.

Note: Not all Autodesk products support Insights. Insights are not available for products under Classic User Management. 

My Insights and Team Insights

Autodesk Account Insights are available under the Reporting section of your Autodesk Account.


If you are an account admin, you will see Team Insights. Team insights provide information about your users. As an individual user, you will also see My Insights.


Note: Only AutoCAD and Revit are currently supported for My Insights. For more about personal insights, see My Insights.

To view Team Insights

  1. Sign into Autodesk Account at
  2. Select Reporting > Insights > Team Insights.
  3. Select a team. You can see all the insights available for that team and take appropriate action. For example, if you have under-assigned seats, you can:
    • Click View Usage Details to see detailed seat usage reporting
    • Click Assign Users

The Insights page may display "No insights available” if:

  • Not enough time has passed to generate meaningful insights

  • You’ve resolved the issues that triggered the insights

Available insights

License usage insights

  • Under-assignment: Lists teams that have available seats for specific products.

  • Over-assignment: Lists teams with subscriptions (purchased online) that have users assigned to expired products.

  • Inactive user (only available with the Premium plan): Lists those who have not used their assigned products in the last 3 months. See Use Seat Usage to monitor product activation and frequency of use.

  • Product Version (only available with the Premium plan): Lists teams with usage on outlier product versions, defined as a version with less than 1% of the total days used by a team over the past three months.

Product usage insights

  • Product Performance: Compare your team’s startup and file save times against other users. You can see the number of users by average performance time quartile (25th, 50th and 75th).

  • Command Usage: Understand your team’s command usage pattern. For information on categories, see Usage by category (AutoCAD).

Note: Insight data in the export file may have a delay of up to seven days from the date this insight is delivered and displayed in Autodesk Account.

We take your privacy and data protection seriously

Data is the key to providing meaningful insights. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your data, while being transparent about how data is collected and used.

Visit our Trust Center and Privacy Statement (US site) to learn more.


Data collected

  • Product name and version.

  • System performance including application speed and file access.

  • Document size, time to open and save.

  • Session beginning and end time.

  • Commands started, complete, canceled, and undone.

  • Settings and system variables.

  • Number and type of objects in a drawing.

  • View type and changes made to the view.


Data not collected

  • Coordinates

  • Strings

  • File paths

For AutoCAD, see To Join or Quit the Desktop Analytics Program.

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