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Tell us about your product(s), target market, customers, competitors, etc.

What is your primary design and manufacturing software solution?

{ "Not done in-house": "Not done in-house", "None (interested in 3D Viewer/Translator)": "None (interested in 3D Viewer/Translator)", "Altium": "Altium", "Autodesk AutoCAD": "Autodesk AutoCAD", "Autodesk EAGLE": "Autodesk EAGLE", "Autodesk Inventor": "Autodesk Inventor", "Mastercam": "Mastercam", "PTC Creo": "PTC Creo", "PTC Onshape": "PTC Onshape", "SOLIDWORKS": "SOLIDWORKS", "Other CAM solutions": "Other CAM solutions", "Other Design solutions": "Other Design solutions ", "Other Electronics solutions": "Other Electronics solutions" }

Organizations you're working with to support your growth

When did your startup business launch?

{ "01-01-2023": "2023", "01-01-2022": "2022", "01-01-2021": "2021", "01-01-2020": "2020", "01-01-2019": "2019", "01-01-2018": "2018", "01-01-2017": "2017", "01-01-2016": "2016", "01-01-2015": "2015", "01-01-2014": "2014", "01-01-2013": "2013", "01-01-2012": "2012", "01-01-2011": "2011", "01-01-2010": "2010", "01-01-2009": "2009", "01-01-2008": "2008", "01-01-2007": "2007", "01-01-2006": "2006", "01-01-2005": "2005", "01-01-2004": "2004 or earlier" }

What development stage best describes your startup?

{ "ipo": "IPO", "beta-launch": "Beta-launch", "in-market-with-customers": "In-market with customers", "prototype": "Prototype" }

Are you doing hobbyist projects? If yes, get Autodesk Fusion for personal use here.

{ "No": "No" }

Which closely describes the goal of your startup?

{ "3D Printing Service Provider": "3D Printing Service Provider", "Business Incubator": "Business Incubator", "Contract Manufacturer / Job Shop": "Contract Manufacturer / Job Shop", "Digital Asset Creation": "Digital Asset Creation", "Commercial Product Development": "Commercial Product Development", "Maker Space": "Maker Space", "Non-profit Organization": "Non-profit Organization [Example: 501(c)(3)]", "School/University": "School/University", "Value Added Reseller": "Value Added Reseller" }

Current level of funding

{ "pre-seed": "Pre-seed", "angel": "Angel", "seed": "Seed", "series-a": "Series A", "series-b-beyond": "Series B & beyond", "self-funded": "Self-funded", "none": "None" }

Annual revenue (USD)

{ "0": "Less than 1k", "1000": "1,000 - 49,999", "50000": "50,000 - 99,999", "100000": "100,000 - 149,999", "150000": "150,000 - 199,999", "200000": "200,000 +" }


Company address

Number of employees

{ "1": "1", "2to5": "2-5", "5to10": "5-10", "10plus": "10+" }


How do you plan to use Autodesk Fusion?

{ "CAM": "CAM", "Industrial Design": "Industrial Design", "Mechanical Engineering": "Mechanical Engineering", "3D Modeling": "3D Modeling", "Electronics": "Electronics Engineering" }

I acknowledge that I reviewed and meet the criteria for Autodesk Fusion for startup use.

  • Autodesk Fusion for startups is eligible for venture-backed, angel-backed, or bootstrap startups.
  • Businesses must have a valid website or LinkedIn profile.
  • Service providers, resellers, contract manufacturers, consultants, makerspaces, and design agencies doing work for other companies do not qualify for Autodesk Fusion for startups.

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