Building the Infrastructure for Performance-Based Generative Design

Building the Infrastructure for Performance-Based Generative Design

By connecting sensors to BIM models, Project Dasher enables designers and owners to see building performance data in real time. Kean Walmsley of Autodesk Research explains how this can power smarter operations and eventually inform generative design.


New sensors give us unparalleled access to building performance data—from temperature to CO2 levels, occupancy levels to physical strain from use. Project Dasher makes that data accessible and intuitively understandable in real time by connecting it to BIM models. And that kind of insight can be used to improve operations and to refine designs in the future. Kean Walmsley of Autodesk Research shows us Project Dasher in action in a range of buildings and infrastructure projects and explores its potential for generative design and building management.

About the speaker

Kean Walmsley is a software architect currently part of the Autodesk Research team, where he focuses on emerging areas related to design technology, including generative design, virtual and augmented reality, and the Internet of Things.

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