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Equipment Monitoring and Control Through Forge Viewer

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    We’ll be sharing our experience in building equipment monitoring and control and using IoT for smart buildings. We’ll demonstrate what is required to build a solution for monitoring and control of IoT and building equipment through Forge Viewer.?We’ll be using the “iviva Lucy” iPaaS service to demonstrate the concepts and walk the audience through a code level example. The audience will learn the basic requirements of two-way communication with IoT and building equipment, how to turn Forge Viewer into an operational portal, and how to enhance operational experience by integrating third-party services such as Microsoft Power BI into Forge Viewer.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover security risks and why two-way communication with equipment via ALG (application level gateway) is important
    • Learn about the limitations of IoT platforms, and gain knowledge of available technologies that you can use to implement two-way communication
    • Learn about what it takes to communicate with conventional building systems
    • Understand the possibility of integrating cloud services with real-time data and visualize them via the Forge Viewer