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The Worlds Greenest Airport

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    On April 27, 2017, the new extension for Oslo Gardermoen Airport in Norway opened its doors, increasing its capacity from 19 million passengers to 30 million. The project was delivered on time and on budget, with practically no errors during design or construction. The terminal has received a BREEAM Excellent certification, using many innovative solutions, making it the world's greenest airport. While we are waiting for electric airplanes, we'll show how the terminal building is ready for the future, drastically reducing energy consumption. The class will also focus on how we managed to pull off this massive project through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). What were the key factors in the project's success? We'll discuss project organization and communication through visualization, BIM quality assessment through new tools and workflows developed for Revit software, and how Navisworks software helped us combine what may very well be the world's largest BIM model.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to organize complex projects
    • Learn new ways to reduce energy consumption in large buildings
    • Get to know a new Revit add-in
    • See how visualization helped decisions during project development