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Which Project Delivery Method Is Best for Your Project, and Why?

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    One of the first issues owners face at the onset of a project is deciding on which project delivery method to use. Design-bid-build is slowly going extinct, especially for large, complicated projects with challenging schedules. Construction management at risk (CMAR) is a more attractive method, even though it doesn’t quite describe how we work. Design-build is on the rise, but many owners still feel like they’re paying a premium by preselecting the team. Lastly, integrated project delivery (IPD) leaves a lot to be desired, as most of the owners are still not willing to share the risk but expect the benefits. So, if none of those methods align with how we work, what does the future of project delivery look like? In your experience, are any of the current contracts and procurement methods truly aligned with how we ideally need to work? Join this vibrant roundtable and share your thoughts and experiences about technology-driven delivery, innovation, risks, and constraints of where our built-environment industry is inevitably headed.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover pros and cons of currently available project delivery methods.
    • Discover ways to streamline the project delivery and integrate your team.
    • Decide which procurement method is best for your project approach, and the legal structure of your delivery team.
    • Learn how technology and innovation are changing the structures of project teams, risk, and responsibilities.