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Walking the Walk: How Jackson Industrial Construction Deployed the Autodesk Workflow

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    Jackson Industrial Construction is based out of Concord, Michigan, and has amassed more than 70 years of agricultural, industrial, and commercial construction across its leadership team. The firm has recently expanded its investment in Autodesk software to streamline and enhance its existing workflows. Anthony Schrems, Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordinator for Jackson Industrial, will highlight how the firm uses Revit software, Advance Steel detailing software, and Navisworks software in a simplified and optimized process to drive Jackson Industrial's structural steel design and shop fabrication. You will learn the practicalities of software deployment and training and how the company overcame some challenges in developing these processes to take full advantage of its software investment. Some companies are talking the talk about their BIM adoption. Jackson Industrial is walking the walk.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand why Jackson Industrial Construction invested in Autodesk
    • Learn how to apply the lessons we learned to your own software deployment
    • Learn how to evaluate your current processes to identify any potential areas for optimization
    • Learn how to create a workflow that harvests the benefits that Jackson Industrial Construction have achieved