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Visualization Analysis for Transportation

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    Visualization is a terrific way to improve communication with non-technical stakeholders, but what’s in it for you, the designer? This class will show you three practical workflows that use visualization and validation tools to help make design decisions and create technical exhibits. You have invested time in building a model—now let’s take it to the next level with these core activities: visual impact with photomontages using AutoCAD® Civil 3D® and Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design software, lighting levels with street lighting analysis using Civil 3D and 3ds Max Design, traffic impact analysis using Civil 3D, 3ds Max Design, Autodesk® Infrastructure Modeler software, and Quadstone Paramics (a Pitney Bowes company).

    Key Learnings

    • Automate your visualization model with content
    • Share your model with others outside a video file
    • Use techniques to make your scenes in Autodesk 3ds Max Design more suitable for outdoor scenes
    • Use Autodesk® Infrastructure Design Suite to create data and aggregate in others