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Virtual Mock-ups: The Changing Face of Previsualization and Decision-Making

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    Gone are the days of relying solely upon in-situ mock-ups to generate issues and drive decision-making. With the emergence of the virtual mock-up and virtual reality solutions, mock-ups can now be generated much earlier in the coordination process, thus saving you time and money by driving the conversation earlier in the design phase. The purpose of this class is to demonstrate how utilizing lean construction methods and various tools (Navisworks software, Revit software, AutoCAD software, and 3ds Max software) coupled with virtual reality tools can enable you to guide the design and owner groups into making meaningful and educated design changes early in the design phase. Through the review of multiple case studies we will demonstrate the cost-benefit analysis of each type of mock-up, as well as determine which types of information we can obtain from each.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover and apply the concepts of lean construction to mock-ups
    • Learn how to identify the resources required to effectively implement a virtual mock-up program
    • Learn how to distinguish between the numerous types of mock-ups and apply each type depending on the decision that needs to be made
    • Learn how to set up VR caves, Navisworks virtual mock-ups, and on-site mock-ups cost analysis versus information for all