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The VDC Gauntlet: Using the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection for Virtual Design and Construction

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    Autodesk’s Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection provides an extraordinary range of capabilities and tools that, when integrated, create incredible insights and make easy work of complex design and project problems. This class will explore the potential and power of digital construction and project management with the AEC Collection. In this class, we will dive into the complex installation of several large tanks in a highly confined facility, utilizing drone technology and reality capture with different software integrations. Some of the software this class will explore is AutoCAD Civil 3D software, Vehicle Tracking, ReCap software, ReCap Photo software, Navisworks software, InfraWorks software, and more. With the integration of all these programs, the project was able to succeed as planned, utilizing found vehicle and building clearances as well as logistical confirmation of the project's ability to succeed. This class will demonstrate the effectiveness of the AEC Collection as well as the virtual design and construction (VDC) methodology.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how a VDC approach can mitigate risk and ensure project success
    • Understand how Autodesk's AEC Collection works together to provide a seamless solution for VDC methods
    • Understand how to migrate data between Autodesk products for different project intents
    • Understand how collaboration at different levels can make an overall difference on a project