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Utilizing Supplemental Modeling in Coordination— Responsibility of General Contractors

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    It is important for BIM/VDC departments to stay connected to drawings, submittals, and other information in order to identify any gaps and ensure that all necessary elements are incorporated in a model. Often, subcontractors coordinate against each other to produce layout and fabrication drawings for installation, and elements such as bathroom partitions, supports, metal framing, kickers/bracing, and owner-provided equipment are not included within the model for full coordination. This course will explore how VDC/BIM managers and coordinators can utilize supplemental modeling in their coordination efforts.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover project management use cases to obtain submittal and shop-drawing information
    • Learn how to create a thorough checklist of what to look for when reviewing construction documents
    • Learn how to provide assurance for subcontractors that they are coordinating against all known elements
    • Learn how to make a clear path for third-party subcontractors (not usually a part of BIM coordination) for ease of installation