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Using BIM 360 As an Educational Platform and Feedback Tool to Facilitate and Enhance Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration and BIM Education and Assessment
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TU Dublin’s Multidisciplinary Collaborative BIM Postgraduate Project forms part of a wider MSc in applied building information modeling and management. The participants in this project come predominately from architecture, architectural technology, construction management, quantity surveying, and structural and building services engineering backgrounds with from 2 to 25 years of experience. The stipulated use of BIM 360 software within the EIR was used firstly as a common data environment (CDE) for each design/client team, and also to accommodate cloud collaboration, communication, design, coordination, and clash resolution. The use of RFIs, submittals, reviews, and activity tracking further enabled the platform to be used as an educational tool to provide real-time feedback, comments, and markups on documents, models, and concepts. Following the review process, every file was further assigned a quality status (approved, approved with comments, or rejected, and so on).

Key Learnings

  • Discover the educational use of BIM 360.
  • Learn about collaborative BIM education.
  • Learn about the management of BIM educational programs.
  • Discover lessons learned in BIM education.



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