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Transportation Summit

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    The Summit will focus on customer-driven discussions, from the evolution of project-delivery best practices to customer-driven technology presentations. The discussion will focus on emerging technology and workflow/process change that is empowering connected Building Information Modeling (BIM) in transportation. We'll be focusing on transportation and having in-depth conversations on addressing key issues in transportation and direction that technology should go to support complex, cross-disciplinary projects. New this year we'll focus on the construction needs of the transportation segment. Networking opportunities during hosted break and pre-reception.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore BIM workflows and best practices with specific aviation & rail and roads & highways breakouts and a combined customer showcase.
    • Engage with our software and hardware partners, experiencing technology such as reality capture and virtual reality firsthand.
    • Extend your network by connecting with peers and sponsors during networking breaks and in the hands-on tech area.