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Tips and Tricks About Using Revit API to Achieve Enhanced and Customized BIM Metrics

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    Revit intelligent models provide great metrics and the tools to manage them for most standard customer needs. However, in some specific workflows (for example, estimating and construction planning), despite the precise physical model, using original elements and/or parts, some crucial and accurate metrics may not be available via standard parameters and tools. In this class, the presenter will share many such examples and Revit API solutions for each, gained throughout his extensive career in the Autodesk DevCon and Consulting Divisions. Most specifically, he will present some findings gained during the last 3 years of intensive collaboration with Vinci Construction, together with their BIM developers. Solutions and some sample code will be provided for areas from specific small tasks (more-precise material takeoff from layered walls, metrics for all parts, metrics for “gross” walls, and so on) to more-extensive solution frameworks, such as custom parameters development and management based on custom abstract API classes.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover some limitations (non-negligible in some workflows) of out-of-the-box BIM metrics in Revit
    • Discover the power of Revit API in "filling the gaps" above and beyond the standard Revit functionality
    • Learn some specific practical examples of enhanced metrics for estimating and design-to-preconstruction workflows
    • Understand the potential of working with Autodesk Consulting, typically through an Enterprise Business Agreement