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Tag and Track Building Components Through the Utilization of BIM 360 Field

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    Do you know where your components are during the construction phase of your project? Will your components be delivered late to the site, posing a risk of late delivery? What do you do if a component has an issue when delivered to the site? Excitech have been working with MACE Group (main contractor) to develop a workflow so the building materials can be tracked during the fabrication, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and commission process. Using Revit design elements, a workflow has been established that firstly goes through BIM 360 Glue software so the coordination and layout of the element can be verified during the preconstruction process. Then the information is linked into BIM 360 Field software where the manufacturing elements can be tracked from procurement through to commissioning. The data can finally round-trip through to the Navisworks platform for a visual representation of the component status.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to utilize BIM 360 products for tracking equipment
    • Learn the process of getting information from Revit into the BIM 360 products
    • Learn how to get information out of BIM 360 Field and put it back into Revit and Navisworks
    • Learn about reporting out the status of equipment in construction