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Structural Detailing Services by Structural Engineers—Who, How, When, and Why?

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    With Revit software and Advance Steel software, structural engineers have tools available to enable them to take their designs past construction documents and into fabrication and construction. Construction schedules are faster, integrated project delivery is more common, and the Who, How, and When of structural shops drawings and fabrication models are changing. This presentation will show how US-based structural engineers who already create their design models and drawings with Revit software can use this same software to create shops drawings from their fabrication models for rebar, precast, and structural steel, and also create concrete lift drawings. Attendees will learn why these services are offered, how engineers can offer them, and best practices to follow to offer Building Information Modeling (BIM)-based structural shop drawings. This session features Revit Structure and Advance Steel. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how BIM can be used to bridge the information gap between design and construction for a typical project
    • Learn what types of construction services can be readily offered by entities acting as the link between design and construction
    • Learn how design data can be utilized to start construction activities earlier than in a typical design-bid-build process
    • Learn what the advantages and disadvantages of such BIM-based delivery are to common project participants