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Speed Up Your Preconstruction Models for Formworks Planning Using Revit and APIs

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    Concrete structures are the core of Vinci’s business. Therefore, planning accurately vertical formworks on a daily basis during the preconstruction phase is critical, but also very time consuming. That is why, over the years, Vinci has used improved toolsets in AutoCAD software to do it more efficiently—but it was 2D-based nonintelligent drawing unconnected to the intelligent model. One year ago, Vinci decided to develop, with the help of Autodesk Consulting, a similar tool in Revit with 2 objectives: Capitalizing on already-captured building information from the Revit model (building geometry, phase, building options); and capitalizing on the 3D and connected 2D drawings to better communicate with the site. This class will show how Vinci successfully integrates this toolset into its process (using built-in Revit functionality—parts, phase, linked file, custom families, data files, and the Revit API), and how this technology piece is an important step for the BIM transformation of a construction company.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how a company has successfully migrated its existing AutoCAD tools in a BIM environment
    • Learn how construction and formwork provider companies can transpose your expertise into an efficient BIM tool
    • Learn how the power of API and custom plug-ins can help your requirements
    • Understand the benefits of Autodesk Consulting services throughout an EBA contract