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A Solid Foundation for Building Information Modeling and Civil: Bringing AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit Together

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    The presentation will provide an in-depth discussion of effective practices regarding how to combine foundation designs in Revit Structure Suite software with civil-site designers in AutoCAD Civil 3D software to ultimately collaborate with architects in Revit Architecture software. The discussion will give guidelines on where utility modeling for building should transition from Revit MEP software above grade to AutoCAD Civil 3D software below grade and how to use Navisworks project review software in this review process. Key concept to review will be the difference between local coordinate systems that building designers work in as compared to the state plane coordinate system that civil engineers typically use. The discussion will then consider the new American Institute of Architects' BIM Protocol Exhibit E202 that defines the Level Of Detail (LOD) in models on a scale of 100 to 500. The presenter will demonstrate these LOD concepts with case studies from projects in 3 different project phases: design, construction, and facilities management.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover effective practices for working with teams in AutoCAD Civil 3D software and Revit software and learn how you can use Navisworks project review software to aid the coordination process
    • Discover what the global state plan coordinate system is that civil engineers use in AutoCAD Civil 3D software
    • Discover what model Level Of Detail (LOD) is for design, construction, and FM in civil and foundation modeling
    • Understand what the BIM Forum LOD Specification is and how it can be used with AutoCAD Civil 3D software and Revit software for site modeling