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Site Logistics Plans of the Future—They’re Just InfraWorks
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Come learn why InfraWorks software has become our go-to for MOT, logistics plans, development planning, and visual animations that create a lasting impression on an audience. We will focus on the rapid model creation tools that enable us to create a virtual stage where we can communicate our project, strategy, and expertise. With the integration of model builder, creating a realistic environment is just a few clicks away—even for the novice user. Incorporating information from many different data sources, we are able to continue to enhance our model using your preferred authoring tools. InfraWorks software enables us to balance speed and level of detail all while delivering high-quality deliverables from a macro perspective. Then we publish it to A360 and begin the collaboration cycle, incorporating comments from cross-functional team members. This is why InfraWorks software has become one of the most powerful tools in our tool chest for winning work and project planning. This session features InfraWorks 360, FormIt 360, and Revit. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to quickly produce high-quality visuals for logistics, and plan in a short amount of time
  • Learn how to capitalize on data from multiple authoring tools in InfraWorks
  • Learn how to post process visuals for maximum impact
  • Understand the InfraWorks workflow from start to finish from a contractor’s point of view


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