Pre-conference Session    FDC350436
A Revit Developer’s Journey from Desktop to the Cloud
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Prefabrication and automation in offsite wood construction requires highly detailed building models while maintaining performance. This puts constraints on both the model creation phase, as well as the output phase. The extracted data, as well as the fabrication process automation data needs to be accessible by all stakeholders - the builders, prefabricators and project managers. By combining Autodesk products and APIs, hsbcad has developed vastly improved workflows for its customers and their stakeholders.

This class describes the process that hsbcad - as an AutoCAD, and Revit plugin development company - has gone through in order to become a web development company. We will describe the innovation that Autodesk Forge has triggered at hsbcad; and our evolution from using the Forge Viewer with BIM360 integration, to a full featured web application that uses the Design Automation API for Revit to digest Revit models and link them up with existing hsbcad desktop and cloud functionality.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how to Revit design automation is used to link Revit and Autocad and cloud.
  • Get a better understanding of requirements of prefabrication in wood construction
  • See how a cloud application can lead to improved efficiency of the construction process
  • Understand the potential of Autodesk cloud APIs



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