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Hands-on Lab    AB3529-L
Revit Architecture Workflow Fundamentals and New Features
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If you are new to Revit Architecture software and want to get a quick hands-on overview of the recommended practices for using BIM in architecture and its associated workflows, then this is the class for you. We highlight several workflows, including conceptual design, documentation, visualization, and multidiscipline coordination. These workflows highlight the capabilities of Revit Architecture, and touch on some of the BIM 360™ cloud-based offerings as well. In this hands-on lab, you walk through exercises that highlight each of the major phases of design, with an emphasis on recommended workflow, while simultaneously incorporating features that are new to Revit Architecture 2014.

Key Learnings

  • Incorporate a massing study into a building design
  • Explain how to lay out basic architectural objects, such as walls, openings, and floors
  • List the newest features in Revit Architecture 2014, such as alternate dimensions and room calculation point
  • Move a Revit Architecture model through the various phases of architectural design



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