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Reinventing Construction: A BIM-Enabled World

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    Owner requirements are becoming more demanding. Designs are becoming more complex. The shortage of skilled labor continues to grow. And, meanwhile, construction's poor productivity rates fail to improve. How do we respond to this challenging industry landscape? So much of the conversation has revolved around BIM (Building Information Modeling); however, BIM is not the answer. It is, however, the beginning of the answer. In this session, we will explore how BIM, if properly implemented, can become a powerful enabler of efficiently and elegantly executed projects. We will dive into scan-to-BIM workflows, automated field construction, prefabrication, and industrialized construction. By drawing on experience implementing BIM on more than 500-plus projects, we’ll reveal trends and highlight successes and failures, so attendees will leave with a greater understanding of how to make the most of their intelligent models. Get a glimpse into life after BIM.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify the variables that predict project success
    • Understand the workflows after BIM creation that can enhance project outcomes
    • Learn how to calculate the ROI of BIM on your projects
    • Learn how to determine when various workflows (scan to BIM, 4D, VR, auto-point layout, prefabrication) should be used on your projects