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In Pursuit of the BIM Lifecycle Dream—Revit to BIM 360 Glue to BIM 360 Field to Building Ops

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    The class will cover the workflows and considerations needed when setting models up in Revit software for export to BIM 360 Glue software to enable these to be used in BIM 360 Field software and then Building Ops software with asset management and operations and maintenance in mind. The presentation will look at how certain data doesn’t flow across the platforms, and we’ll demonstrate alternative work-arounds you can undertake to overcome this. The presentation will look at how to set up your Revit project with the mindset that the models will be used on iPads in BIM 360 Field software, and then we’ll look at how the data will transfer across into the Building Ops application. We will also address which application the data is generated in and we’ll look at examples of who populates this information. We will explore the differences in the Building Ops model viewing appearance, and the considerations that you may want to make when setting up the model at the start of the project with BIM 360 Glue software, BIM 360 Field software, and Building Ops software in mind. This session features Building Ops, BIM 360 Field, and BIM 360 Glue. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Understand Revit setup for export to BIM 360 Glue and into BIM 360 Field for data capture
    • Understand Revit setup for push of models and data through to Building Ops for handover
    • Understand where data doesn't flow through platforms—but gain work-arounds to overcome this
    • Understand Building Ops structure and the implication this has on project setup