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Precast Concrete in Revit: BIM Fast in Production

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    Discover Precast Designer for Revit: One Single Tool to Design, Analyse and Produce Precast Components. Using Revit, we will explore how to automate modeling and shop drawing generation of Precast structures and panels achieving a minimum of 50% time saving. From preliminary drawings to fabrication with the integration of analysis thought Robot Structural Analysis and Bridge Design, this class will take users through an in-depth look at some of the Revit Structure modeling, detailing and analysis workflows that can be leveraged through use of Precast Designer for Revit add-in. Some of these workflows include: - Managing construction tolerance for beam and panels - Auto numbering of assemblies with multi-levels rules - Advanced management of parameters - Integration with structural analysis for rebar design and automated clash detection - Automated shop drawing generation with company standards.

    Key Learnings

    • Shop drawings for precast elements quickly & efficiently
    • Integrate reinforcement design and code checking in Revit
    • Apply rules based connections
    • Adopt efficient detailing techniques and workflows for precast projects