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Getting Railway Signaling into the Third Dimension

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    From 2020 onwards, the German government will be obliged to apply the BIM (Building Information Modeling) method for all public sector infrastructure projects. This makes it necessary to create 3D models in the discipline of railway signaling as well. Up until now, plan documents for railway signaling have been created exclusively in 2D. This class will show the workflow involved in creating highly parameterized families out of profoundly structured Inventor components. We will demonstrate placing the families nearly automated in a Revit model with the help of Dynamo, based on data from the primary planning software. Find out which additional benefits the discipline of railway signaling can get in the future from applying the BIM method by using 3D models in a Navisworks clash detection for necessary sight distance checks. Finally, discover the advantage for railway signaling by using defined attributes to transfer data consistent to a 3D model to make it useful for civil infrastructure owners for operating.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create BIM content as highly parameterized Revit families out of Inventor components
    • Discover how to efficiently create a 3D model by using origin database and Dynamo
    • Learn about using clash detection for sight distance checks
    • Discover specifics of railway signaling