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Forging BIM Configurator for HVAC Systems

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    The industry is moving from mass production to customized solutions, creating a tremendous increase in the demand for custom BIM (Building Information Modeling) software solutions. However, custom solutions are expensive to develop. With Forge, you can build custom BIM configurators with minimum investment and time. We created a custom simulation app for HVAC professionals to produce a sustainable design. The app simulates the performance of design spaces and HVAC systems configuration in the cloud. The class will demonstrate how to use Forge to create a new user-defined office build space. We will elaborate on how the assembly of complex 3D HVAC system configurations can be created. You will see how Revit design automation APIs can construct an accurate intelligent model on the server. Attendees will learn these techniques, as well as how to create vast varieties of online BIM system configurators such as kitchen design, furniture design, infrastructure design, and others.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to build an online BIM configurator for a range of applications.
    • Learn how to use Revit design automation APIs.
    • Learn to how to use custom graphics in the Forge Viewer.
    • Learn how to create a sketcher for 2D design spaces creation.