Lecture    SM3243
Heating It Up and Keeping It Cool with ReCap
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Join scanning professional Chad Studer and Autodesk's own CFD professional Ryan Abel as they demonstrate new end-to-end workflows from raw scan data to innovative solutions with Autodesk® Simulation CFD. They share intermediate and advanced techniques during the workflow process. The live scanning presentation will capture existing room conditions. Once the virtual site is completed, it will be used as a guide to develop an intelligent model by placing parametric content using Revit®-based software scan-to-BIM workflows. This model, created at a level 100, is used to automate the CFD (computational fluid dynamics) workflow. The existing model will illustrate air/fluid flow as it interacts with surrounding solids. The model will be analyzed for proper temperature or thermal influences. Natural ventilation, chilled beams, radiant heat, and displacement ventilation are just some of innovative solutions that will be discussed. New HVAC runs will be completed, modeled, and colored for visual temperature influence and design.

Key Learnings

  • Employ the full functionality of ReCap software
  • Create a Revit intelligent model from scan data
  • Analyze an existing room or building with Simulation CFD software
  • Design and modify existing HVAC to develop an accurate thermal model



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