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Precast-Concrete Construction—Why Should I Use Revit?
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The delivery of precast concrete structures is facing a dramatic change in how these structures are documented, fabricated, and constructed. Due to the presence of highly effective 2D tools, the precast industry has been slow to adopt the use of Revit software. At the same time, other structural systems that have adopted Building Information Modeling (BIM) have been able to achieve certain advantages in the marketplace. However, unique qualities of precast construction—most notably the speed of construction and the turnkey nature of the delivery of the structure—create the ability for a precast concrete manufacturer to gain a significant advantage in the marketplace through the use of Revit software and BIM in general. We will discuss the use of Revit software in precast construction, and explore how we can use it to service many aspects of the precast concrete process while improving service to owners and developers. Attendees will learn about Revit model-creation strategies and workflows and third-party tools that they can use in this process. This session features Revit and Revit Structure.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how workflows using Revit can be used to create more opportunities for precast-concrete manufacturers in the marketplace for structural systems
  • Discover strategies for delivering precast-concrete projects using Revit
  • Learn about market trends affecting the selection of structural systems, and how precast concrete can capitalize on these trends through the use of Revit
  • Learn about how data extracted from a fabrication model created in Revit can be used in many aspects of precast-concrete delivery



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