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BIM Workflow in a Difficult Ecosystem: No BIM Experience and a Complex Construction

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    When you have a complex project where Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination is absolutely necessary, and you add to the equation that design consultants and all of the subcontractors have no BIM experience . . . you are in a challenging position. The intention of this class is to give you an idea of the implemented BIM workflow in a temple project located in Argentina (South America), where BIM use is not developed yet in this region. However, the proposed implemented workflow (single-source work-share partner) is applicable to many other situations, even in advanced BIM markets. We will share this experience and discuss pros and cons of the approach, results achieved, and proposed next steps. We’ll go all the way from Revit software design models, to coordination with Navisworks software and Autodesk 360 cloud-computing platform, to fabrication models with AutoCAD MEP software versus Revit software and shop drawings generation, to approval process. A complete workflow analysis from start to finish.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to approach and implement a BIM workflow when some players don't have BIM experience
    • Discover the workflow with different BIM software
    • Discuss collaboration between design consultants, general contractors, subcontractors, and fabricators
    • Discover and share some of the LATAM market construction culture