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From Parametric Design to Full BIM: Eliminating the Need for 2D Drawings

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    We live in a world where our major challenge is to get more and more efficient in the way we work. For long, we have used 2D drawings as basis for communication, planning and construction, but we are heading for a new age where tools and software now allows us to eliminate the use of 2D drawings. In project planning, parametric design is one of the new major tools to increase project efficiency. We will show you how to use parametric models to develop projects faster, how models helps increase collaboration and how to control the process all the way to construction, eliminating the use of 2D drawings. <br /><br />We will use real project examples from hydropower to show our work with parametric design in Infraworks, Revit and Dynamo, and how we are now conducting a large construction project in Norway without the use of 2D drawings.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the advantages of parametric design
    • Learn how to adobt efficient workflows and to control a process without the use of 2D drawings
    • See the advantage of using Infraworks as a collaboration tool
    • Understand how it is possible to construct without the use of 2D drawings