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Optimizing Your Workflows and Reducing Schedule Creep Through Custom Tools

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    Innovation is the key to thriving. With the requirements from clients becoming more focused on time, technology, and end results, how can you make sure to deliver? In this class, we will share the results custom development has had for Southland, including metrics on costs and time. We will discuss the needs that led us to custom development and the process of evaluating existing solutions versus custom solutions. Our partnership with Autodesk plus an internal developer enabled us to capitalize on the Revit API more effectively, have fast creation and implementation, and have a seamlessly integrated product. We will touch on process improvement and process re-engineering, in addition to business process automation. With smart buildings and tight schedules, developing a tool that will save time in a single area lets us focus on the higher-risk portions to deliver a better project. Join us to discuss how to determine what solutions would work for you—and gain a few lessons learned.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover 3 types of business innovation solutions
    • Evaluate what processes could benefit from custom development
    • Learn how to balance the pros and cons via meaningful metrics for various business processes
    • Understand how to reduce risk while exploring innovation and custom tools that help your company compete