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The Nuts and Bolts of BIM 360 Team and Collaboration for Revit

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    Heard about the Collaboration for Revit cloud service, but still on the fence?  This class is for you!  We will take a look at the needs served by this cloud-hosted solution, discuss the value that it brings to the table, and then dive into a live project—first on BIM 360 Team, where all project participants have a stake, and then inside the Revit environment.  In one fast-paced hour, you should have the knowledge needed to make the decision to adopt Collaboration for Revit to extend Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows within your own firm. This session features Collaboration for Revit, BIM 360 Team, and Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to navigate and manage projects on BIM 360Team
    • Discover the differences between traditional collaboration offerings and Collaboration for Revit
    • Learn how to set up and work within a Collaboration for Revit-hosted project
    • Assess the potential impact of Collaboration for Revit on your own firms