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Navisworks: It‘s Not Just for Contractors

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    Your teams are experienced with Revit software and Building Information Modeling (BIM). You have a BIM deployment plan, you exchange models with the team regularly, and you have coordination meetings to review model progress. You share your coordinated, "clash-free" models during construction-only to be shocked at the first construction coordination meeting when the design models contain 53,724 clashes. This scenario is every BIM manager's nightmare. Implementing Navisworks software during a project's design will let the team coordinate more efficiently and eliminate issues that typically may not be discovered until later in the project. Navisworks provides powerful tools that you can use during design to streamline workflows and add value to your BIM process. We will present specific use cases for implementation during design and provide understanding of how to implement a refined coordination process. We will also look at strategies for establishing efficient standardized workflows for implementation.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the use cases and benefits of working in Navisworks during the design phases of projects
    • Understand the distinction between design coordination and construction coordination
    • Understand how to configure a Navisworks model for design coordination
    • Understand how to implement Navisworks standards and a standardized workflow for design coordination